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Computer science - INFO - Site de Maubeuge

ECTS credits : 120
4 semesters

Domain : [Sciences, Technologies, Santé]


The aim of this course it to provide students with competences in technological trends, knowledge of socioeconomic factors and how to adapt these factors to the working world. It also focuses on communication, which is a necessary skill to master.

In this course students are taught the important fundamentals in computing, basic computing concepts, work methods, computer applications.

With these skills and mastery, graduates from this course should be able to participate in the design production and implementation of computer systems.

Welcome to the IUT

Taux de passage en 2eme annee de l enseignement superieur pour les etudiants inscrits pour la premiere fois en enseignement superieur :

Taux de reussite BACs technologiques : 36.84%
Taux de reussite BAC S : 84.62%

Work placement

International work placement : Possible

IUT - Institut Universitaire de Technologie
Le Mont Houy

Place(s) of the course

Antenne de Maubeuge
Boulevard Charles de Gaulle
59600 Maubeuge


Service Formation continue

Contact - Tel : +33 3 27 51 12 55

Service apprentissage

Contact - Tel : +33 3 27 51 11 93

Formation initiale à temps plein

Contact - Tel : + 33 3 27 53 17 70