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Techniques of marketing - TC

ECTS credits : 120
4 semesters

Domain : Law, Economics, Management

List of the main teaching programmes


Semesters 1 & 2

  • Discovery of the professional environment: economics, business organization, law, introduction to accountancy, introduction to marketing and logistics.
  • Personal and professional development skills: office automation Information Technology, math and applied statistics, personal and professional plans, sales/negotiation, communication, foreign languages.
  • Marketing analysis skills: basic marketing, business studies and research, foreign market approaches, applied information technology, applied statistics, accountancy management.
  • Business contact skills: business communication, expression and culture, foreign languages, psycho sociology of communication, retailing, business law, direct marketing, sales/negotiating.

Semesters 3 & 4

  • Core trade skills : operational marketing, foreign languages, sales/negotiating, international business techniques, business communication, business law, point-of-sale marketing, quality strategy, retailing strategies, customer relations management and multimedia.
  • Professional training with the Institute of technology diploma : psychosociology of organizations, personal and professional plans, expression and professional communication, statistics and applied probability, labour law, sales force activities, applied economics, negotiating/purchasing, financial and budgetary management, strategic marketing.

ECTS creditsTotal number of hours
UE 11 Découvrir l'environnement professionnel14Imprimer
UE 12 Identifier et communiquer16Imprimer
ECTS creditsTotal number of hours
UE 21 Traiter l'information9Imprimer
UE 22 Agir sur les marchés10Imprimer
UE 23 Se professionnaliser11Imprimer
ECTS creditsTotal number of hours
Pacours Insertion ProfessionnelleImprimer
Parcours Poursuite d'EtudesImprimer
ECTS creditsTotal number of hours
Parcours Insertion Professionnelle30 Imprimer
Parcours Poursuite d'Etudes Imprimer



Continuous and final assessment. Capitalisation of the teaching units. Compensation between some semesters.

Institut Universitaire de Technologie
Le Mont Houy

Place(s) of the course

Site des Tertiales
Rue des Cent Têtes
59313 Valenciennes


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