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Techniques of marketing - TC

ECTS credits : 120
4 semesters

Domain : Law, Economics, Management

Career opportunities

  • Business sectors
banking, insurance, retail, food industry, sales/purchasing negotiation, international......
  • Typical professions
Customer care manager, assistant department manager, salesperson, real estate negotiator, business assistant, purchasing department assistant....

Further studies

Entry into professional degrees International Activities Partner, Human Resource Management, Business Management....

Further studies Entry into the second cycle of higher education: Degrees in Management Science, Applied Foreign Languages, Economical Science(economy and business management option), Marketing and Communication, Masters in Direct Marketing or Human Resources, European Diploma of International Management (DEMI), International Diploma in Business and Communication (DICC), the latter two diplomas are studied abroad. Parallel recruitment of ESCAE (non-exhaustive list).

Institut Universitaire de Technologie
Le Mont Houy

Place(s) of the course

Site des Tertiales
Rue des Cent Têtes
59313 Valenciennes


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