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University diploma in French as a Foreign Language - DUFLE

ECTS credits : 60
2 semesters

Domain : Arts, Literature, Foreign languages

The DUFLE is a year-long intensive linguistic course spread over 450 hours. The focus is on learning in a French-speaking environment, and helping students work progressively taking into account various aspects of the language.

Learning objectives

Objectives - Acquiring linguistic, communication as well as culture-specific skills in order to facilitate everyday, social, academic and professional life in France. - Progressing from the B1 to B2 level as per the scale established by the Council of Europe. - Getting familiar with university departments, for those who’d like to pursue their studies at the UVHC after a year of DUFLE.

Work placement

Faculté Lettres Langues Arts Sciences Humaines
Le Mont Houy

Place(s) of the course

Campus du Mont Houy
Le Mont Houy
59313 Valenciennes


Secrétariat du DUFLE

Hélène Vanhove - Tel :


Vassil Mostrov - Tel : 0327511641