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Degree Social and Economic Administration (AES), Local Development - AES - AES

ECTS credits : 180
6 semesters


Domain : Law, Economics, Management

This degree aims to provide students with theoretical, technical and professional expertise in Economics, Law, Social Sciences and Management. Graduates of the program possess a multifunctional skillset, and are capable of understanding economic and financial mechanisms, social realities and dynamics, as well as identifying political, economic and social issues. They also understand key principles, vocabulary and legal precedents necessary for the application of analytical methods in the legal field.COURSE ADVANTAGES

  • Multi-functional skillsets arising from the combination of theoretical information and practical intuition
  • 4-week work placement in 2nd year and 6-week placement in 3rd year and some practical projects during each semester
  • During the program, there is a progressive specialisation into two domains : Local Development and International Business. After this degree, the students have to continue in a Master of Management or a Master in Business and Economics. These Masters can be located in Valenciennes (notably for the Local Development) or in another French University

Faculté de Droit Economie Gestion
Les Tertiales
+33 3 27 51 76 00

Place(s) of the course

Site des Tertiales
Rue des Cent Têtes
59313 Valenciennes